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Big Bark, Little Bite

Big Bark, Little Bite


My son Ryan and his wife, Dani, own two dogs. Honey, a pure bred pit-bull, sports a strong, full-grown, muscle toned body. “Biggie” (ironically named since he really resembles a big rat) packs a pint size body indicative of a Chihuahua. Yet, you would never know it by his bark.

On one of my visits, Dani placed food in a big bowl for the dogs to eat. Outside the door, I heard loud vicious barking from Biggie and thought Honey blocked him from getting any food. Dani shook her head and explained to me that Biggie bullies Honey and prevents her from eating! I walked over to view this interaction. To my amazement, the 4-pound Chihuahua hovered over the bowl eating and barking voraciously while Honey kept her distance and whimpered. “Unbelievable”, I cried. “You are a pit bull for crying out loud!”

Several questions swept through my mind as I watched these two dogs during feeding time. Does Honey know who she is? Does she understand the power and strength pit bulls possess? If she did, she would realize that Biggie might cough up a big bark but produce a very little bite. But until Honey recognizes and accepts this reality, Biggie’s barks will evoke fear and prevent Honey from getting what rightfully belongs to her. Honey possesses everything she needs to get to the food, but chooses not to use it.

Sadly, in a lot of ways, we mimic Honey’s behavior. We allow Satan to bark at us as we keep our distance and whimper. He holds us hostage… dictating our perspective and determining our actions. He keeps us in fear. Fear of our past mistakes and failures. Fear of chasing our dreams. Fear of meeting commitments. Fear of being alone. Fear of taking a stand for Godly principles. Fear of stepping out on faith. His bark sounds loud and ferocious, and it prevents us from receiving what rightfully belongs to us.

Do we know who we are? Do we understand the power and strength we possess through Christ? The verse summarizes the truth set before us—“greater is He that is within us than he that is in the world.” Jesus lives in us so we stand bigger and stronger. He provided us power, His Holy word, to defeat Satan. Yet, like Honey, we refuse to use it. However, when we decide to stand on God’s word, we too would recognize that Satan barks big, but bites little. He would whimper and flee instead of us.

I read somewhere that the Bible uses the phrase “fear not” 365 times (conveniently one for each day of the year). Even though I haven’t verified the exact number, I’ve decided to not live in fear of Satan’s barks. Why? Simply…

Because I Am CUTE!!


  1. Toyce says:

    This is so true and right on time for me. Thanks my C.U.T.E. Sistah!

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