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Game Plan for Life

Game Plan for Life


As Super Bowl season draws near, many wonder what the game plan will be for each team to win. The coaches wrestle with decisions on what plays to run, when to run them, etc. Many variables drive their decision-making process to develop the winning game plan.

Life is filled with decisions we must make daily. What to wear, what to eat, where to go, what to say, how to say it and numerous other decisions consume our day and our lives. Because making choices constantly occurs, we often neglect to think about what drives our decision-making process.

People base their choices on what seems right for them, peer pressure, (commonly known as “keeping up with the Joneses”), convenience, and many other reasons. Because of the multitude and complexity of certain decisions, some people find themselves hiring a coach to help with their game plan for life.

What is the role of a coach? We tend to think of coaches only in the arena of sports. But coaches exist in many environments because of the role they play. A coach encourages and inspires you to perform your best. A coach infuses passion and offers support in reaching insurmountable goals. A coach gives you that extra push and energizes you when you become discouraged. A coach capitalizes on your strengths and develops your weaknesses.  A coach steers you in the right direction and lends guidance in making important decisions. In fact, a good coach’s game plan for your life will tell you the truth… even if it seems hard… so you can make the “right” decisions.

Jesus is the only life coach that can meet all of these qualifications! Since He gives expert guidance and He wrote the game plan for life—aka, the Bible—relying on His knowledge and expertise makes logical sense. But you must choose Him as your coach. When you do, the benefits will always remain in your best interest. His game plan for your life addresses every twist and turn you will encounter and He will always provide the best play for each situation. His plan will instruct and guide you on making the “right” decisions to live a victorious life.

I don’t know about you, but I choose Jesus as my life coach to help me navigate through all the decisions I need to make in 2018 and beyond. He holds my specific game plan and His word will guide me so I can reach the goals He set before me. With my game plan in His hand, I will win in the Super Bowl of life. Why? Simply…


Because I Am CUTE!!!

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