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The Power of the Dye

The Power of the Dye


I love to decorate certain rooms in my home to reflect various days, holidays or seasons. I decorate for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and yes, Easter. I tend to go all out despite the fact that my two grown sons moved out years ago and my grandchildren recently moved to Florida. But I still decorate.

I gazed at my kitchen counters, island and table lined with grass, Easter decorations, and of course candy. Easter hand towels, wash cloths and pot holders hang from cabinets and door knobs. Easter wreaths adorn the front and back doors. Easter baskets for my grandchildren add to the landscape. My family room coffee table completes the setting.

I also love to dye eggs…72 eggs. My mom dyed 72 for my sisters and brother, and I continued the tradition.  My sons Branden and Ryan and I dyed 72 eggs while they were growing up. My two granddaughters Noah and Mathai dyed 72 eggs together. My children asked why I still dye so many.  Tradition maybe, or maybe I just like to dye eggs.

As I gathered my packages in anticipation of dying the eggs, the Easter egg process triggered a thought. When I dip the egg in the dye, the dye changes the color of the egg. The white egg shell becomes blue, red, green or whatever color dye I submerge the egg in.  It reminded me of what Jesus did for us. But the Resurrection process did just the opposite.  Sin stained us, but Jesus’ blood took our crimson stain and turned it white. He washed it white as snow!

The power of the dye. I envisioned the picture of Jesus hanging on the cross and His blood…the dye… flowing from His body covering us… the blood that lets us enter into God’s family through a new birth…the blood that allows us to cry out Abba which means daddy because He chose us through adoption…the blood that changed our status from sinners to saints…. the blood that changed our eternal destination from hell to heaven… the blood that gives us strength from day to day…. the blood that will never lose its power. That’s the power of the dye…the power of the blood…the power of the Resurrection.

To experience the power of the Resurrection, you have to know Christ. Philippians 3:10, “that I may know Him, and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His suffering, being conformed to His death.”   This requires spending quiet time with the Lord and recognizing the power we possess because of the Resurrection. Because if the Resurrection had never occurred, everything about Him would be a lie. But it did happen, so we can believe everything about Him as truth!

I don’t know about you, but as I celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the dyed Easter egg serves as a reminder of the dye that changed my life. Jesus’ blood covered all of my sins and washed me whiter than the shell of an egg. His blood changed my life forever and each day I want to know more about Him and the power that I possess because of the Resurrection . Why? Simply…

Because I Am CUTE


  1. Ruth Burton says:

    Pat you have me hanging off the bed reading from my phone. Wow! I had to read it twice. I have been blessed. Love you.

  2. Carolyn says:

    What a powerful way you have described the power of Christ’s resurrection. Thank you for blessing us.

  3. Anne Haynes says:

    This is such a visual and what a way to witness to others, especially my grandchildren. Thank you for sharing.
    72 eggs – what a tradition.

    • areyoucute says:

      Thank you Anne…You are right…if we were still in youth drama, I would have used this as a teaching lesson, then we would have eaten all the eggs! You know me girl! I love you my CUTE sister.

  4. Esther Collins says:

    This is really good! Thank you Pat!

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